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Montgomery County, MD


Paint the Plow 2024

Thanks for your interest in participating in Montgomery County’s third annual Paint the Plow contest. Montgomery County is working with local middle schools to paint and name our county’s snow plows.  Each participating school and plow will be judged on unique name, creativity, and neatness on Saturday, May 18, Truck Day, which kicks off Public Works Week.
WE SUPPLY the paint and the plow.  YOU SUPPLY the parking spot and the artistic talent.  You will have over one school week to complete your masterpiece.


(DEADLINE to apply: Friday April 12thth by 5:00pm)

Snow Plow Drop-off:  7am-9am on Monday, May 6 2024.

Snow Plow Pickup – 2pm-4pm on Thursday May 16, 2024.

Judging - May 18, 2024 during our Truck Day Celebration

The painted snowplows will be  put into service during the winter season and photos will be displayed on MCDOT's website and social media.

Let us know who the best point of contact is to coordinate logistics in the brief form below.
For more information about Paint the Plow and Public Works Week, visit:


Do you agree to supervise students who participate in this activity? By checking "yes" you agree to have adults supervise and monitor student behavior while working with equipment