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Montgomery County, MD

Bike Rodeo Interest Form

MCDOT hosts bike rodeo events to educate elementary school students about general bike safety best practices. and transportation safety through interactive events that inform students how to safely ride bikes in their community.

MCDOT will attend your event at no cost to your school or organization.  MCDOT typically needs 2 weeks in advance to plan for and host an event.

Each Bike Rodeo is typically 90-minutes. Plan for a total of three (3) hours each event for set-up, event, and breakdown.  MCDOT will supply 10 bikes, an obstacle course and some educational materials and related giveaways.  Participants are welcome to bring their own bikes as well.  Bike Rodeos work best outside in a parking lot or other paved surface and can also be held indoors in a gym or similar location.  MCDOT will staff the event and welcome additional volunteers to assist the event facilitators. MCDOT will also offer training to conduct your own events.

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*DISCLAIMER – Note for multiple day events, MCDOT will deliver bikes at your location and provide 1- day training to your staff or volunteers. MCDOT will pick up bikes upon completion of the program.