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Montgomery County, MD

MoCo Business Community Vaccine Conversation

The 4Business Advancement Center wants to work with businesses to learn about how they intend to engage employees and customers about Covid-19 vaccination generally (not related to the County vaccine distribution or its system). THIS FORM DOES NOT GO TO A TEAM THAT SCHEDULES, PROVIDES OR IN ANY WAY HAS CONTROL OVER VACCINE DISTRIBUTION. This form goes to the 4Business Advancement Center which serves to connect businesses with resources including grant programs, business counseling and a variety of other resources. Please keep that in mind when filing out this form - this form is NOT FOR GENERAL COUNTY VACCINE DISTRIBUTION COMPLAINTS.

Have you received your first or second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine?

When you are eligible, do you plan to receive the Covid-19 vaccine?

Have you talked to your employees about getting vaccinated?

Does your business have a plan for vaccinating your employees?

Are you considering giving your employees paid time off or other incentives/flexibility to get vaccinated?

Are you considering offering a discount or other incentive to customers who get vaccinated?

Does your business have social media accounts? If so which?

Would you be interested in sharing your vaccine experience on your social media?

Are you interested in working with the County to share vaccine information with your employees, customers and the community?