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Montgomery County Continuum of Care 2022 Competition


Thank you for applying to the Montgomery County CoC Local Competition. In an attempt to streamline the application process, the Allocation Committee will only accept applications through this platform. There are three sections of the application: Addendum Questions, Budget Template, and Required Attachments. For the Addendum (previously known as the Housing First Addendum) read carefully and respond to all parts of the question. There is a 2000 character limit, so be succinct. Instructions are provided on what to include in the Budget Template. Please read them thoroughly. Finally for the attachments follow the naming convention listed below.  To attach files, click on the paper clip ​icon on the upper left side of the page. If you have any questions about how to complete the application, please reach out to Ilana Branda,, or Amanda Harris,

Naming Attachments:

Esnaps Application: ESNAPS.AgencyName.ProjectName.Year  ex. ESNAPS.SEPH.HousingInitativeProgram.2022

Policies/Procedures: PP.AgencyName.ProjectName.Year ex. PP.SEPH.HousingInitiativeProgram.2022

Client Handbook: CH.AgencyName.ProjectName.Year ex.CH.SEPH.HousingInitiativeProgram.2022

HUD Monitoring Report: HMR.Agency Name.ProjectName.Year ex. HMR.SEPH.HousingInitiativeProgram.2022

Anti-Discrimination Policy: ADP:AgencyName.ProjectName.Year ex. ADP.SEPH.HousingInitiativeProgram.2022

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy and/or Plan: DEI.Agency Name.ProjectName.Year ex. DEI.SEPH.HousingInitiativeProgram.2022

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1. PDF of eSnaps application Click Here to Upload
2.. Program Policies and Procedures Click Here to Upload
3. Client/Tenant Handbook Click Here to Upload
4. Most Recent HUD Monitoring Report Click Here to Upload
5. Anti-discrimination Policy Click Here to Upload
6. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy and/or Plan Click Here to Upload